Online Registration with CRAFTS

By using CRAFTS, you'll get an online child registration process that is paper free, efficient, straightforward, and has two methods available to complete the registration of a child and parent.

CRAFTS is also Wizard driven, meaning there are directions guiding you along the way to help you complete the registration process. Since CRAFTS is paperless, it’s better for the environment and easier to keep track of all the information from the parents. This means no heavy binders, no losing documents, and no more reading messy handwriting!

 As mentioned, the two methods of registration are, one where the registration is done by the staff, and one where registration is done by the parents.

In the Staff method, staff can control the entire process, immediately enroll or waitlist children after registering them, and they can do the final enrollment commitments. However, this method requires more work from the staff, and possibly work duplication if the staff is getting the information from a form they the parent to filled out. Overall, the Staff Method is very straightforeward, seemless, and quick as it's online and can be completed for a parent in minutes!

The 2nd method, and the one that we, the people behind CRAFTS suggest since it provides much less work for the staff, is the Parent Method.

In the Parent method, parents create a portal account which allows them to not only see their information, but also see observations and specific reports that pertain to their payments to the daycare. Additionally, the parents input all the mandatory information themselves. This means that the work regularly completed by the staff, is now off-loaded to the parents, allowing for less work to be done by the staff, less work duplication, and no more reading messy handwriting!

By choosing using this method, parents can also request the area and enrollment type that they would like their child to be put into. For example they could request for their child to be in a specific program, but maybe they also want their child to be waitlisted. The parent’s can also input what they consent to, for example, their child’s picture being taken! These benefits reduce work for staff and allow for more specific and valuable information to be collected from the parents.

To do the Parent Method of registration, simply send an online registration invitation to the parent within CRAFTS. Here you can attach a parent handbook or documents you think the parent should have. From that invitation, the parent will create their account and input their information easily and neatly online!

Registration can be that simple and painless with CRAFTS!

Once the parent completes the registration, the administrators will get a notification in CRAFTS, letting them know that a new parent has registered. That way, staff can be alerted of these new developments, and they can get started on the enrollment process as soon as possible.

That’s all for CRAFTS’ online registration! I hope you learned a bit about the benefits and methods that come with the simple online registration process that CRAFTS offers. I'll see you in the next blog!