Batch Billing Multiple Locations with CRAFTS

CRAFTS’ efficient Batch Billing feature allows administrators to easily and quickly bill multiple families from multiple locations at once. In seconds, bills can be generated for every family registered in your daycare! Batch Billing can be done monthly, semi monthly, bi weekly, or weekly.

CRAFTS also automatically calculates subsidy, and it calculates the appropriate rate for full-time and part-time enrollments! CRAFTS does it all for you.

CRAFTS' billing process makes it easy to exclude holidays that should not be billed and it doesn't allow duplicate billing. It also simplifies charging a different rate for PA days (aka PD or Pro D Days!)

To properly manage the billing of each location, CRAFTS allows administrators to input your multiple locations, and make it so not all staff have access to the other locations. That way, certain staff won’t be able to see or bill locations they are not responsible for.

Additionally, to thoroughly view your billing after you've completed Batch Billing, CRAFTS displays a breakdown of full fee, parent contributions for subsidized children, and how much the subsidy is contributing.

That’s it for this blog! I hope you learned how easy it is to do billing online with CRAFTS. Let us know if you have any questions and see you in the next blog!