EFT Integration with CRAFTS

Along with the issues previously mentioned, young parents don’t want to write cheques, and frankly, staff prefer not to deal with them either. 

Instead of what might be an unbearable payment process, you can use CRAFTS to receive and process Pre-Authorized Debits directly from parent bank accounts!

Accepting EFT payments/Pre-Authorized Debits means no more bank visits and accounts are automatically updated! Using Pre-Authorized Debit is a cheaper and more efficient way to get paid. It also does all the administrative work for you!

To debit a parent’s account, and receive your payment using the Electronic Fund Transfer, or EFT method, start by clicking the Process EFT button in the Payments section from the top menu in CRAFTS. Next, select the locations you want to process payments for, and adjust the other filters to your preference. 

Next, select individual bills, or press “select all” to debit payments from all of the parents who signed up for EFT payments. Then, press either Process Full EFTs or Process Partial EFTs, depending on if you want the full amount now, or just part of it.

If you select Process Partial EFTs, then you’ll then input the percentage of the payment that you want to collect. The last step is to press the Proceed button, and you’re done! You’ve successfully collected your payment in minutes. 

Use this process to collect payments for programs, field trips, extra charges, or anything else you charge parents for. You can do it all in one place!

That’s it for the EFT payment process. I hope you learned how easy it can be to collect your payments for your daycare. Let us know if you have any questions and I’ll see you in the next blog post!