Signing Children and Staff In/Out with Online Kiosk in CRAFTS

CRAFTS allows staff and parents to sign children in and out in seconds! CRAFTS online attendance also makes it quick and easy to locate attendance history for a specific child, and it’s easily printable and convertible to an excel sheet, CSV, etc. 

In CRAFTS, there’s a few methods to do attendance but today we’re going to focus on what we call the Attendance Mode method. By clicking the attendance mode button at the top right of the screen, you’ll access Attendance mode which not only allows staff to clock in, but also allows parents to sign their children in and out with just a few simple steps. 

By allowing the parents to sign their children in and out, a lot of time is saved for the staff. Parents sign their children in and out using attendance mode by inputting their phone number and their previously assigned pin. They would then select their child and update their attendance. Parent pins can be pre-assigned by staff or by the parent themselves in the Parent Portal. 

Staff can also clock in and out online using attendance mode, as they would regularly do on paper. This is extremely helpful because it avoids the standard issues that come with recording hours on paper such as heavy binders, more organization needed, calculating hours, etc. Supervisors can even clock staff in or out if educators forget to sign in or out one day.

Attendance and recording of staff hours can be that easy with CRAFTS! Thank you for reading and contact us if you have any questions or if you’re interested in more details. I’ll see you in the next blog post, bye!