CRAFTS' Online Consent Management

CRAFTS has a consent builder integrated into the online registration process for parents. That way, parent’s can consent to your policies as they’re registering.

You can add as many unique policies requiring consent that parents need to answer during the registration process! The parent will simply click “yes” or “no” to each consent as they complete the online forms.

There’s even an option to create a mandatory Terms & Conditions consent that the parent agrees to that covers them accessing information online, registering for care with you, or any other protections you feel are necessary before engaging with a family.

You can also link a PDF for parents to download, such as a parent handbook, for longer consents or policies.

When the parent selects their choice on whether to consent to the policies or not, the system documents who consented and timestamps the consent, providing a consent audit trail for both parents and staff. Any changes to a consent by a parent is also tracked and can be viewed by any party on an Enrollment Form report.

That’s it! Consent management can be that simple and straightforward with CRAFTS.

Thank you for reading today’s post! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. I’ll see you in the next blog post!