Documenting Staff Hours Online with CRAFTS

By documenting staff hours online, you can access them from anywhere! That way, if a staff member forgets to clock in or out, it can be updated anytime with ease.

Major benefit of tracking hours online is that staff hours are automatically calculated for you in a Staff Hours report so there are no manual calculations required! This often makes the payroll process much quicker with less room for calculation errors.

There are two methods to document staff hours in CRAFTS but, they are both user friendly, quick, and online so they can be done from any location.

The first method is in the Staff Hours screen, in the Employee section. All you have to do is click the “Create Time Entry” button. Then, select the employee being clocked in/out, fill in the required fields, press “Save”, and you’re done! The documentation has now been recorded, and when the employee clocks out, the number of hours will be recorded.

The second method is with the Attendance Mode feature. Attendance Mode is a virtual kiosk/punch clock that staff can use to clock in/out. Simply click on the “Attendance Mode” button. The staff member will then input their phone number and pre-set PIN. Next, they’ll fill in the fields and press “Check In/Out”, and you’re done! CRAFTS’ automatically clocks the staff member in/out at the time they inputted their PIN.

Documenting staff hours can be that easy! To download the staff hours report for future use, simply go to the Reports section, and click “Staff Hours”. Select your filters and preferences, then press “Print”! A report will then be downloaded with all the staff hours documented and automatically calculated.

That’s all for facilitating staff hours with CRAFTS! Thank you for reading and let us know if you have any questions. I’ll see you in the next post, bye!