Using Technology to Manage Your Daycare

I have a few questions for you before we delve in.

Have you noticed how quickly cash in its rawest form is disappearing?  When was the last time you used cash to pay for all your transactions?  I bet you’ve gotten rid of those computers which are the size of a room!

Look at these numbers from Payments Canada.

payment stats chart

Were you shocked by the numbers? I am!  Take a closer look at cash and cheque usage!

Why cheques are costly to you

  1. Bounced cheques takes up your time in chasing a parent.
  2. Trips to the bank depositing cash and cheques is time that be spent elsewhere.
  3. Lost cheques are continual unnecessary risk.
  4. Updating accounts manually results in too much paperwork.
  5. Bank delays in clearing cheques.

As a mom to not just one, but two daughters who attended daycare, the idea of being able to make payments using technology would have been music to my ears.  I can be old-school sometimes, but not when it comes to a simplified payment system.  It’s a NO BRAINER!

Let’s talk about something that I know will make you laugh a little.  Have you ever had one of those long days at work?  Handbag in one hand, your little one in the other. You are given your little one's first painting. Two days later, you remember the beautiful painting.  It’s nowhere to be found.  A few days later, on your way into another drop off, you notice a painting stuck among the heaps of heavy snow.

It’s the most painful thing ever.  As a daycare provider, administrator, or parent, wouldn’t that beautiful painting be safer in an electronic space where you all have easy access to it?

I know I keep asking you questions.  It’s to emphasize the point that technology will make your life easier when it comes to daycare.

Let’s catch up in our next blog post.  The topic will be reducing paper.

I’d like to spoil you a little with one of those goodies.  Interested in using technology to handles attendance, observations, billing & payments, plus provides features like online registration and a parent portal?  Try CRAFTS!

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Until next time, thank you for reading the post.

Take care :-)