Reducing Paper Usage in a Daycare

We all desire to have a clutter free work environment.

Of course, we are human and what we want isn’t always easy to get.  Here are, in my humble opinion, why a daycare should reduce the use of paper where they can:

Administrators – More automation and less paper helps free up time for you to do tasks that always get pushed back.

Home Daycare Providers – You need more space in your home to store toys and easier ways to communicate with parents.

Educators – You want a simple way to document and store observations and attendance.  You want to capture some moments to send to parents.  The best thing about going paperless is that you get to do your bit for the environment while enjoying the benefits of a clutter free space. 

Get CRAFTS - Reduce Paper!

I know that I said I wouldn’t overload you with statistics, that’s not quite true.  Office workers use and average of 10,000 sheets of copy paper per day. A staggering 45% of that paper goes into the trash by the end of the day.  Help reduce waste.

Move your child records, attendance forms, observations, cheques and cash for fees, and parent communications to an e-format.


Thanks for reading and take care!