Overcome Childcare Administrative Challanges

Most childcare providers have the same administrative challenges:

  • Collecting Fees on Time
  • Managing Parent Portions and Subsidy Reconciliation
  • Knowing Overall Revenues or Revenue by Program
  • Billing Management
  • Time consuming data entry often between Excel and QuickBooks
  • Tracking child and staff attendance
  • Effective parent communication
  • Managing enrollment and child or family records
  • Tracking staff hours and certifications
  • Overall too much paper form requirements to deal with

See how CRAFTS can address these challenges for you.

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Childcare Billing & Management Software



Billing & Invoicing
Calendar Management
Check-in / Check-out
Child Care Center
Daily Reports


Employee Management
Home Childcare Agency
Immunization Records
Online Registration


Parent / Child Records
Parent Portal
Online Payment Processing
Montessori Recording

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