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See How CRAFTS Works

Take a look at our interactive demos and guided tours where you can explore the different features that CRAFTS has to offer and how it can benefit your childcare program. Simply click the feature you’d like to learn more about, and follow the guidelines.
Online Registration
Online Registration
Try this guided walkthrough of the Online Registration process where a parent can register their child for childcare with your program via CRAFTS. Policy consents and onboarding questions can be mandatory and customized. Get a feel for the parent experience with easier contactless registration and the parent portal feature.
Messaging Parents
Messaging Parents
Check out this interactive tour of our integrated emailing and text messaging features for better parent communications. Use text messaging for emergencies and email for newsletters. This walkthrough shows how CRAFTS keeps parent communication efficient and effective.
Student & Family Records
Student & Family Records
This interactive demo of the Students section guides you through child and family record management. It includes attendance, observations, enrollments, and much more. Click through this walkthrough to give yourself a guided experience of how CRAFTS simplifies family record management.
Employee & Time Management
Employee & Time Management
Review this self-guided demo to evaluate the Employee Management section in CRAFTS. It includes features such as tracking staff hours worked and certifications, staff details, and more. Click through this walkthrough to learn how various features work.
Simple Billing Methods
Simple Billing Methods
Billing features in CRAFTS facilitate batch billing, custom billing for unique billing needs, crediting, adjustments, and much more! Easily bill multiple locations and receive a breakdown of parent contributions for subsidized children. This guided demonstration will show you how CRAFTS can save you time with efficient and quick billing processes.
Daily Parent Updates
Daily Parent Updates
Give parents a daily update on their child's day easily with customizable Observation Cards that post observations to the Parent Portal and emails the parent. Create cards for development, incidents, or anything you can think of that simplifies parent communications and keep parents in-the-know!
Payment Collected Easily
Payment Collected Easily
The Payment Management features in CRAFTS include Pre-Authorized Debit processing using Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), plus accepting and processing non-electronic payments. See how you can modernize your fee collection processes with this guided tour of how simple fee collection and account updates can be.
Home Child Care Agencies
Home Child Care Agencies
Licensed Home Childcare Agencies require unique management processes. This self guided walkthrough demonstrates how we CRAFTS manages home childcare providers includes features such as provider payments, provider profile management, moving children, and much more.

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5 things every daycare needs in 2021

Running a daycare on Excel, paper forms, cash, and cheques don't show parents that you're a progressive and modern daycare.

Parents expect more!

Online Registration

Stop duplicating work or trying to read someone's handwritting. Let parents register online so you can maximize their efforts to make your administration easier and more efficient.


Young parents don't want to write cheques and your staff usually prefer not to deal with cheques.
Offer ePayment options to debit parent's bank accounts directly.
No more bank visits & accounts are automatically updated.

Parent Portal

Parents should have access to a Parent Portal that allows them to see:
* Billing & Payment Info
* Download Statements & Tax Receipts
* Update Family Records
* Review Child Progress & Observations

Tablets for Educators

Giving educators a tablet makes documentation faster and reduces paper costs. Use it for:
* Attendance
* Daily Logs
* Incident Reports
* Parent Communication

Modernize your operations.

Text Message Parents

Text messaging has a higher read-rate in today's market over any other form a quick communication. Improve the chances of your information being conveyed.

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Parents Prefer Online Registrations

Get a parents view on how easy online registrations are and what to look out for!

Tell Parents Your Observations

Give parents peace of mind by sending the daily logs of your observations.


If you run a Licensed Home Daycare Agency, your needs are different than a childcare centre. See how you can easily manage Home Care Provider needs.