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Using Cloud Technology in Your Daycare

Welcome back to an absolute favourite topic mine, especially when it comes to the many stories of losing data that we’ve all had at some point in our lives. We can all look back, replay those scenarios and either laugh or lament.

Using Technology to Manage Your Daycare

Hey there!

Welcome to our very first blog post of 2020!  My name is Deborah, a mom to two teenage daughters.  I love writing about most things relating to kids.  Especially when the information is beneficial to parties with a vested interest.

Keep reading, I have some great goodies as a giveaway for you.

Reducing Paper Usage in a Daycare

Hope you loved our previous blog post!  Welcome back to another very exciting and interesting topic.  How has life been treating you?  I hope those children of yours are doing great. 

Before I get going, our previous blog post gave you a few things to think about regarding the use of cash and cheques, which also lends itself to the  topic of environmental responsibility.  Rather than giving you all the statistics that you may already know about, I’ll keep it simple.