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Documenting Staff Hours Online with CRAFTS

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another blog post. Documenting and calculating staff hours can be lengthy, painful, and there is room for error. Additionally, staff can forget to document their hours which can prolong the process and make it more confusing.

To solve these issues, and make the documentation of hours more efficient, track staff hours online with CRAFTS!

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Simple Tax Receipting with CRAFTS

Hello everyone! Welcome to another blog post. Today's blog is all about Tax Receipts!

Creating tax receipt for parents is usually a very tedious and painful task that needs to be done each year. However, with CRAFTS' online report features, you can generate tax receipts and many other reports in SECONDS!

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CRAFTS' Online Consent Management

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to talk about consent management for childcare in your daycare using the CRAFTS daycare management application.

We all know that getting parent’s consent is very important for taking photos, medical reasons, making sure parents understand and follow your policies, and much more.

Consents are integrated in the online registration process using CRAFTS, so additional forms don’t need to be printed and everything can be accessed by parents and managed by staff online without having to touch any paper!

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Online Registration with CRAFTS

Hello! My name is Bella and I'm the Customer Success Specialist for all things related to CRAFTS, the daycare management web app! Today's blog post is all about what most young parents want to see in a registration process; no paper!

There are many benefits to having an online registration process, but with CRAFTS, we take it a few steps further with our hassle free Staff and Parent registration methods of registration. 

Read more to learn about the benefits of online registration with CRAFTS and our two registration methods to figure out which one is right for you!

Subsidy Reconciliation with CRAFTS

Hello everyone! My name is Bella and welcome back to another blog post about CRAFTS, the Childcare Records, Attendance, and Financial Tracking System!

Does your daycare accept subsidies? Do you need an easy way to reconcile money that your program should receive from subsidy providers? Or, do you need a simple way to calculate parent contributions vs subsidy? Well get CRAFTS!

CRAFTS splits parent and subsidy amounts with ease! In CRAFTS, parent vs subsidy amounts are automatically calculated due to its unique setup!

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Using Cloud Technology in Your Daycare

Welcome back to an absolute favourite topic mine, especially when it comes to the many stories of losing data that we’ve all had at some point in our lives. We can all look back, replay those scenarios and either laugh or lament.

Signing Children and Staff In/Out with Online Kiosk in CRAFTS

Hello everyone my name is Bella and welcome to this blog post! In today’s post we’re going to be talking about doing attendance and tracking staff hours online, with CRAFTS the daycare management web app!

Daycare attendance is typically done on paper, which results in many sheets that can often make it difficult to keep organized, find attendance information for a specific child, and hand signing each child in and out can become time consuming.

By doing attendance online with CRAFTS, these issues are eliminated! 

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Reducing Paper Usage in a Daycare

Hope you loved our previous blog post!  Welcome back to another very exciting and interesting topic.  How has life been treating you?  I hope those children of yours are doing great. 

Before I get going, our previous blog post gave you a few things to think about regarding the use of cash and cheques, which also lends itself to the  topic of environmental responsibility.  Rather than giving you all the statistics that you may already know about, I’ll keep it simple.

EFT Integration with CRAFTS

Hello everyone! In today’s blog post, I’m going to be talking about the daycare payment process.

When it comes time for parent’s to pay for your care, chasing down payments can be painful, tracking payments is time consuming, and credit card payments have fees that are expensive.

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Using Technology to Manage Your Daycare

Hey there!

Welcome to our very first blog post of 2020!  My name is Deborah, a mom to two teenage daughters.  I love writing about most things relating to kids.  Especially when the information is beneficial to parties with a vested interest.

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Batch Billing Multiple Locations with CRAFTS

Hello, welcome to another blog post! Today's blog post is about managing billing for your daycare, for one or more locations using CRAFTS, the daycare management web app.

Billing and calculating subsidies can be a long and painful process each billing cycle. There’s also a lot of opportunity for error.
CRAFTS simplifies this process with a method called “Batch Billing”! Batch Billing allows staff to bill multiple families, from different locations, all at once!

Keep reading to learn the benefits of using CRAFTS’ Batch Billing feature!